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nowww my problem is i saved a recording that i made with audacity and now every time i open it i get this message ''Can not find the data file ''

i have the data file and i can open parts from the data file like 10 seconds of the song but i can not open the whole thing

I just am not sure how to fix this so please help thank you
this has happened to me from time to time. in my experience I could never get those files back. :/

hope you made a copy!
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its werid because i have all the files i am looking at them now but it says it cant find them
Ask this in the Audacity thread, you'll more than likely get a good answer there.
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I think I can help you with that brothers... Audacity has so much to develop in his software,(but hello its free) but theres a way that has worked for me, use the export files, save it in wav or wath ever, and configure the computer and hopefully that kind of files will open with audacity
yea if you didnt delete part of the Data file(s) you should be able to locate them for the program...chances are you moved them from their original save location and the program doesnt know this.
You didn't change the name of the project file outside of Audacity? That messes things up because the data directory is keyed to that project name and it's stored inside the project fine.

For example, let's say you have a song that was first saved as Test Song.aup. You then rename it and the data directory to New Sound 08-25, Auducity still won't be able to find the data files, because the .aup is still looking for Test Song as the data directory.