All instruments played by me, nothing insanely polished, just me goofing around and trying to do something a bit different. Let me know what you thought its on my profile under No Defense, blah blah blah.......Ill hit you back.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
I just listened to No Defense, and the drum's blew me away. However, the break in the middle was really awkward and should be cut down a bit. Thanks for the crit.
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Thanks I sort of agree its a bit weird of an arrangement, I kinda of just jammed out and just followed along until this all pieced together!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Like Blackflame said, the drums were amazing. both the long break, and the small one at about 3:40 were awkward. I liked the one at 3:40, it just didnt seem to transition back into that riff that well... I love the two main pieces/riffs you have though, they sound sweet together. the outro sounded good too; one thing though is when it ends with the longer notes, the first high note seems a little weird. all in all, sounds pretty good. there are arrangement bits here and there, but after that come up with some vocals! it would be a sweet song.

if you would be so kind as to crit for me? would b much appreciated - just finished the song

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the drums were really cool in this....nice intro. i thought the snare could use more reverb/better overall recording, but the drums sounded really nice. the bass line was cool, especiallly with the hi hat solo part. when the distortion came in it made me happy lol. i thought that it got a bit boring after the 12 repeat or whatever, but with vocals it would be fine. the "chorus" with the distortion is very cool and hard rock sounding. i really like the break with the toms too.

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Thanks guys, I got back at both of you. I do agree the snare does sound a little bit "tinny".
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
checked out ur song... yeah the drum is awesome... but the rest Im not quite sure... maybe its just cos of my lousy laptop speaker

the solo... herm... awkward I think.... I dun get it I think...
really weird... NVM

this song kinda have the feel to be a TV series trailer song...
maybe a CSI show... ahahhaha

and I have to say this again... the drum is F*ckin Awesome... nice playin...

crit mine?

Nice song man...i liked the guitar line in the chorus...simple but great drums too...I lol'd at the solo ...that's good, i mean, it's an experimental song...i think it's supposed to be weird haha...really nice outro as well. With vocals this should sound awesome...

anyway, plz, C4C!!
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