i have an ibanez rg2 ex1 and i got it fixed a while back for problems with the input jack, but i got it back from the shop and it doesnt sound like it used to, it used to have a pretty warm sound but now its really trebly and whiney, no matter how high my bass is on my amp, it has no sustain whatsoever, maybe 2 seconds tops and when i turn the tone knob to the neck pickup, it cuts out completley, ive adjusted the height of the pickups, ive tried re stringing it, the intonation is good, the only thing i can think of is the pickups, anybody have ideas on what i can do to fix it?
You either have to.

A) soder some wires to fix it.

B) if it isn't that, you need new pick ups.

You may wanna get a new guitar?
well i have a schecter avenger, texas chainsaw custom that ive been using, but i want two guitars to play withon stage for quick tuning changes or in case one craps out on me, i was thinking new pickups but i need money for a new amp, so ill probably just see how much it would take to get it re wired or something