so, a little more than a year ago i got an american fender strat for my birthday. it was cool, but i didn't like the pickgaurd, so around december, i bought a gold adonized one at guitar center and changed it. ever since then, whenever i have my volume above six and any type of high gain on, i get this super annoying high pitched feedback whenever none of the strings are ringing. ever since then, i've just put my volume down, but i don't like having to do that. i'm pretty sure i ****ed up something putting the new pickgaurd on, but i don't know. i took it to my local guitar shop, but they couldn't find the problem. can someone help me out, maybe?
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Maybe your amp has the gain too high? Don't stand so close to the amp? Maybe amp volue is too high?

Gain doesn't need to be maxed all the time you know.
yeah, it's the same wherever i stand. the volume isn't that high. it's about three quarters full and i use a distortion pedal. it's only had this problem since after i changed the pickgaurd
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