I'm interested in buying an acoustic guitar and I was wondering what is a good company (not necceasry models) for acoustic guitars

ex. Ibanez, Epiphone

Breedlove (if you can afford or feel you deserve one)




Martin (the gibson of the acoustic world imo, very pricy)




The list goes on
I've always rated Washburns highly. Good spec guitars at reasonable prices.
What's your budget?
It depends largely on your budget. Some companies make excellent guitars in the high price ranges but their guitars in the lower price ranges are sub-par. Martin is a prime example. The opposite can also be observed where some companies make great guitars in the lower price ranges but their more expensive models dont stack up.
Company's mean little when it comes to low end till mid range acoustic guitars. Brand names are hardly tied to a specific factory. Take a guitar of a well known brand like, say the above mentioned Washburn, and look what's on the label at the back of the headstock. It may read Made in Taiwan just as well as Made in Vietnam, Made in Indonesia or Made in China. Does Washburn have so many guitar producing facilities all over the far East? Hardly. They have an office, a few salespeople and a computer to send e-mails. The only substantial asset they really have is the registered trademark Washburn. The marketing people decide what quality guitars they want to sell in what price range to bear that name, and subsequently place an order at one or more of the many smaller and bigger workshops that can handle it. Local business consortiums own these plants, and go by unpronouncable names you'll hardly ever find on a label inside a sound case or even in the phone book. Yet some make millions of musical instruments a year.
For you as a costumer that means that you should look at the price tag, not at the name on the headstock. Go to a shop and try the Ibanez, the Epiphone, the Washburn and the Aria and buy the one you like best. Chances are that they are actually made in the same factory by the same people anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

In the more elevated price ranges the situation is different, while in the realm of the exquisite one-off hand builds the story is different still (in the latter category there are some very good but very unknown builders). But here also the overall quality matches the price, so which make you choose is completely up to your preference. There's no company or maker that clearly sticks out, positive or negative, and you generally get what you pay for.

One consequence of this situation you should be aware of. Tom183 here above already mentioned it; some owners of very high profile brand names think it oppertune to cash in on their reputation by ordering Asian confection guitars and selling them for more than they're worth. It's not uncommon to see the lowest priced A-brand guitars offering less value for money than the B-brands of the SAME company. Kamman is one notable example, which has it's least expensive Ovations being worse than it's own Applauses. When it comes to cheaper guitars, you'd probably do yourself a favour by NOT choosing for the most reputable company.
Funny, isn't it?
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the company doesnt really matter...the model is most important. look for a good guitar that has solid woods. the only time the company should matter is when you want to be sure you are buying a quality item. some companies are more reliable than others...
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