Wtf? They're already making new ipods, and there still isn't a new OS for sixth generation ipods.
i'm excited cause I almost just bought a new ipod and opted for pedals instead, now i'll get the new version
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I'm happy with the touch I have now, but if the new one has edge or 3g I'm give and arm and a led

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oh god please no
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I'm happy with the touch I have now, but if the new one has edge or 3g I'm give and arm and a led

I'm pretty sure putting Edge or 3g on a touch wouldn't make sense. Because you would have to pay a carrier to use the Edge/3g network. You might as well get the iPhone. iPod Touch will stay Wifi and only Wifi.
I spent 400 bucks on my ****ing Touch man.
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That picture is so obviously fake it isn't even funny.
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That picture is so obviously fake it isn't even funny.

I've heard about the large screen like that picture from other sources, I wouldn't doubt its real.
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That picture is so obviously fake it isn't even funny.

Same thing was said when the current iPod nanos (the short fat ones) were leaked last year.

I think that's the real deal. Not to mention there has already been a leak of new iPod nano cases, which look exactly like the one Kevin Rose uncovered.
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The only thing I'm loving is this is Kevin Rose.

He is one of my modern day heroes. He's just a great dude.

But, yeah. iPods. Can't wait.

Kevin Rose. ¬_¬
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This is the third time this has happened to me. I buy new iPod, newer iPods come out less than a month later. What the hell....

I have a Classic though. He didn't say anything about updates on those.
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I still have a 30GB and i'm completely happy with it...believe it or not it still hold music.

Its a scam, a complete, and total scam...
I wash my hands of these idiot's!
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I'm interested in this new "cosmetically upgraded" iPod touch. I've been looking to replace mine since it got stolen ...

I was going to go for a new iPhone, but I have my doubts about it and how it took Apple an eon to finally get the son of a bitch to work with 3G.
i have a 60G video and im no where near being done with it but that new design looks pretty cool, whatever it is
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I've been wanting to get a Touch, but if there's a price drop... I might wait. Has anyone confirmed BS on this? I don't wanna waste my money.
i still have an old 20gb black and white ipod

works fine for listening to music
I just got an email from apple telling about the new ipod nano. One new feature is that you can shake the Ipod and it will shuffle your music. also on the nano if you turn it on its side you can go through the cover art with 'Cover Flow'