the name of the song is sausage rape (it a punk song)

it was recorded low quality. some of the vocals arent that good on the chorus. it only has guitar and vocals at the moment .


i will check out your songs if you have any. it may take me a little bit cause my comp acts up usein media players sometime. but i will check them out.
I would like to say punks my thing, but it really isn't. If you're singing/shouting that while guitaring thats impressive, i really can't sing and play. The riff before "you were raped , your dad was ****ed , sausage runs in your familys butt" though is great. You're lyrics are sick when I read them, but couldn't for the life of me make them out in your recording first/second time i heard it. IMO If I could make funny lyrics like that, I would want people to hear it first time.
thanks for the crit

yeah im playin and doin vocals. its actually a simple song thats how i was able to do it.ive never been good at playin and doin vocals either. lol i dint know people couldnt understand the lyrics. i guess cause i done them its alot easier for me to understand. its the same way with some of the metal stuff ive done.