I plan on buying an American Strat in the near future, and noticed that both of these are MIA, but the H1 is cheaper.
I also saw that the H1 has a nitro finish, and the MIA has a poly finish.
This made me lean towards the H1.
However, I prefer the look of the MIA more than the H1.
So, which of these guitars would I be better off buying?
Are there any big differences between these two guitars other than the finish?
If MIA, would it be worth it to refinish the guitar with nitro?
the mia is better i a/b'ed them when i was looking for a strat

mia has better pickups, neck and wood. i felt like the h1 body was cheap

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The H1 is made with Mexican parts, but assembled in USA so the assemblage quality will be good. But the quality of the components will be like a MIM.
I'd get the MIA one if you have the money, and no economical problems.

Get the MIA... nitro finish is really not all it's cracked up to be. It's sticky and will have a nasty reaction on a stand with foam.
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