So Youtube is not working for me right now.

I tried uninstalling and re installing flash player and checked to see if Java was activated, which it was.

Restarted firefox, rebooted a few times, and still no dice.

you did everything i did to get it workng....sorry umm...but the java script thing was gay for me to i installed it and other stuff 500000 million times and it didnt do anythign, but firefox worked, but i thik it was a prob wiht my local company thing so...sorry
The funny thing is that Youtube vids on Google work fine, it's just on the Youtube site.
Does it keep saying "this video is no longer available"?

If so, use Opera web browser, I still have the occasional video that won't work, but 90% of YouTube videos work now. I had the same issue on firefox.
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This is what is happening

Just a white space where the video should be.
Still not working, even after I uninstalled adblock.

Imbedded vids work, other video sites work, don't know what's going on.