I just bought the Dunlop Zakk Wylde series strings and put them on. What I like about them is that they're great for down tuning and sound great on the low end, especially for getting that chugging sound. What I dont like is that they dont sound nearly as bright on the high end as my boomers did. Both (10's btw). I tuned them and played on them for about 45min. Ill let them sit over night and re tune if necessary, because maybe theyre not stretched correctly yet, who knows. Can you guys recommend string that are great for heavy metal and hold up well in drop D while they also sound nice and bright on the high end like my boomers did? It always seemed like my pick got caught up in the strings on the low end with my boomers, when I tuned down. It may have been cuz they were getting time for replacement though. Any strings that give the best of both worlds?
I use D'addario Pro Steels,
you might like them they've got a good bright sound and hold up well when changing tuning.
I like D'Addario XL's, mostly because have never broken one no matter how hard or how long I play. I haven't tried a lot of different strings so I can't compare their sound but I can say they're incredibly reliable.
I personally like GHS Jammers and D'addarrio XL(sp?)
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