i was wondering how guitar effects your sound because im looking to get a new one. like what kind of woods will give you a certain sound or is it mostly the pickups that have the biggest effect? does the shape have any impact? anything along those lines.
Body mass and wood type affect sustain and small things like warmth and how light/dark it sounds. Do you not like your sound? If you don't, then it would be smarter to upgrade your amp first.

EDIT: Les Pauls are known for their thick, low-mid saturated warm tone (mahogany body; humbucker pickups), their punchy-ness (maple top) and their sustain (thick, 8-9 lb body). Strats are known for their bell like (single coil pickups) and their neutral (EQ wise) tone (alder body). Yes, their pickups do affect the tone, such as how hot the guitar is, how responsive it is to dynamics, among others.
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nah i like my amp i got a 5150 combo my guitar is a esp h-100. i was looking either to upgrade to a better guitar or get some new pickups but wanted to know how big of a difference it would make and how it would.
Think about it for a second: what don't you like about your tone? Fizz? Mids? Mud? Most tonal problems come from the amp. Peavey 5150s are notorious for sounding bad unless they're cranked...
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wood species, wood quality(as in grain as well as density), density, shapev shapes and ML type shapes seem to give more sustain for body mass because of the way vibrations resonate throughout the body, headstock shape(same thing, which is why ML's have crazy sustain...) neck thru or bolt on or setneck.pickups. string guage/tension.

yues and amp. really. i'm not saying that because this is UG. amp is most of your tone.
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Keep in mind your amp will affect around 80% of your tone.

Very true, for the most part.

Though I'd argue the amp is 50% with pickups at 25% and the quality of the guitar being the last 25%