I got a few tracks i recently uploaded. both of these are song ideas I have but it's still just guitar only and freetime. All recorded on my electric into reaper using amplitube 2. i work a lot so i dont usually have time to edit, these are just single takes with a few mistakes.

'Reap' is metal-ish (without any real distortion), building off ideas i had back in "to arms"

'Drive 2' is a new take on the track Drive

Everything in my profile:

I'll return crits to anybody who wants one.

Holy Wahs... The autofilter two is my own take on "Holy Wars... the punishment due" by Megadeth using amplitube 2's autofilter II, just to see what the hell would happen haha
hey it works for me now well, reap was pretty cool, would cooler with dist as u know. sounds a little bit of the same over and over, monotonous really, could be something cool with a little more work.

drive: really like the verse guitar really cool.cool idea for this one, the ending is a little too much in my opinion, drags out a little too long. but really cool. would like to hear the finished product for sure