Does anyone know what setup malcom and angus had on that album. What amps were they using and do u know if they were modded out.
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Angus has a Gibson SG, that's common knowledge.
Gibson SG through Marshall for Angus

Gretch Falcon through (I want to say Marshall) for Malcom

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Angus definitely used a Gibson SG... And I'm Pretty sure they used Marshall amps i have no Clue where that guy got "Fenders" from... but I'm not entirely certain what Malcom used exactly but kinda doubt it was a Fender but even if he did use a Fender whatever(amp, guitar) it doesn't justify saying they all used, just "Fenders"
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Well some say they might have used a Fender Tweed Deluxe.

Angus did however use his #1 recording amp, which is a 1966 Marshall JTM45. He's been using for more or less all the albums. His guitar was a Gibson SG. Malcom used his Gretsch (either the Thunderbird or the White Falcon, the WF was used a lot during the Back In Black tour and the videos). Malcom used Marshall Superbasses. During the tour they also used some JCM800s for their backline.
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