I know nothing about tone so 80% of the time my bass sounds like ****,

Any advice on a good Start Point,

I use Fender Mex P bass,

I would also Like to use Boss overdrive pedal at some point and know nothing about making it sound good with amp or straight into DI and PA.

Mostly Use Line 6 150 Watt
and Sometimes Use mates Ashdown Amp not sure of watts though.
but what are the starting settings for most amps you would use on a Amp ?
When in doubt, check thefitz's blogs! Look for the EQ section

I'd suggest starting at flat?
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For a starting point in finding your own tone, set everything flat with the tone knob on your bass off and just start turning the knobs up and down one by one on your EQ and bass respectively, returning them to "flat" each time. The main point of this is to become familiar with what each knob on your EQ does, and what tones it accentuates. If you are completely new to this, "Flat" means all knobs are at 12 o'clock/noon (Halfway up).

From there it is just a matter of boosting and cutting where required, keeping in mind that in most cases taking too many mids out will result in you being buried under the guitarists and drums.

When you are feeling up to it, google frequencies of notes, or something to that effect. It's good to have an understanding of where everything sits in the mix of a band, and what frequencies you should be operating in so as not to overload on certain frequencies (In relation to those being run by the guitars and drums). I personally like to keep everything relatively flat, and just boost the low mids up a considerable amount, slowly scaling down like a stepladder to the treble knob. Mids are the key to my equation, but thats just what works in my situation. Keep in mind this is all with my corvette, which has jazz-style pickups. I EQ MUCH differently with my musicman, so again, it's all about finding a tone that works for you.

Go forth and bass it up, mate
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