How much does the fretboard wood actually matter? And I know Ebony is better than rosewood (i don't know why it is but i know it lol) but I was wondering, if you get a decient piece of rosewood and a not so decient Ebony, would the Ebony still be better just because it's ebony?
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It makes a difference but it's rather small. The pickups absolutely dwarf the fretboard wood, and I think the neck and body wood and the type of joint between them are more important as well.
I believe ebony has a slicker feel, hence, slides and such are smoother. Rosewood, maple, etc., are less oily...
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Really boils down to personal taste, imo.
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its preference really. Ebony is a richer wood than rosewood, but you might get a bad cut with any wood. If you get a nice cut of ebony, cherish it. Nowadays what im seeing is if you buy a high end guitar that is made overseas you get a cheap ebony almost like a really dark rosewood. The USA made guitars have nice cut's though.