hey guys, i've been reading many reviews of overdrive pedals. sorry this might seem like a noob question, but what do they mean when they say the pedal is harmonically rich?

why do some ppl like this harmonically rich sound and why do some ppl dont?

i use a barber LTD and i've heard some ppl dislike it because the harmonic content is too overpowering.
harmonically rich would mean it's full and lively; kind of like how a piano resonates other strings when one note is played... it sounds bigger than it really is. The more digital something is, in this case an OD pedal, there is a lack of this richness... which really just leaves your sound less dramatic and thin.

If you have a few extra bucks, check out the Jekyll & Hyde OD/Distortion pedal. I own one, and it is one of the greatest investments I've made.
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