Hey UG,

Im looking for a good guitar for with a metalish sound, but can sound clean as well, under $500.


Avoid low-end Jackson's, imo.
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I prefer barbed wire strings. I find I can get the most br00t41 tonez with it.
No one EVER reads the TITLE!
He clearly said $500 AUD!

Anyway man for $500 Australian your far better off looking second hand. If you go new the best you could get would probably be an LTD 50 series. If you go second hand you could find quite a few reasonable guitars such as a Epiphone G400 *I got mine $350 with a hardcase* buy a bridge pickup... possibly a set if your lucky and BAM sic guitar for any genre you could want. Also don't be afraid of older guitars, sometimes you found some absolute Killer guitars for stupid prices. I've seen MIJ Jackson pro series go for $400 and old MIJ Ibanez RG's go for about $500.

What state are you located in.
If its perth CHECK THE QUOKKA!!!!
I buy 90% of my gear out of there these days.
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