After I get my provisional license (have my permit right now) how severely will I be punished if I get caught driving friends? Everybody does it, but it seems as if no one gets caught, so I'm wondering what happens...
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You're not allowed to have passengers on your Ps there? Hah, that sucks.
i don't live in cali, but i live in washington and everytime I've seen someone pulled over for that reason, the cop made the passengers get out and walk and they'd stay close by to make sure the driver isn't coming back to pick them up.
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The key is getting caught. I dunno how it is in Cali, but in Oregon, you've gotta have probable cause to stop someone. And, "He/She looked like they didn't have the right license" doesn't cut it.

If Cali driving laws are anything like Oregon's, which, I don't doubt that probable cause is the same, you'll be fine as long as you follow the rules of the road.

My friend got busted for having a friend in the car after curfew, he just got a slap on the wrist.

But, I just read in Cali, that that kind of **** is punishable by death.
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I believe you lose your permit for a year. Not sure of that though
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