QUICK! Name a band that few people know about. Anything from metal to blues to classic rock! I need more underrated bands to find out about!

Happy Band Hunting!
it's a local band here in Slovenia called Pangea.
they rock and they're finally recording.
They play for 6-7 years and nobody knows about them.
they're punk rock-pop punk.
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iron maiden
yeh noones heard of them i think me and a few mate are the only people that know about them in the world

the brian jonestown massacre
the black lips
the velvet underground (maybe a bit obvious but if you dont know em they're great)
the vaselines
daniel johnston
love (arthur lee) e.g. forever changes album
spacemen 3
13th floor elevators
Lol at anyone who says Fall Out Boy....

Anw, my pick is 'Killradio'...maybe they're not underground, but I really feel they're not getting enough exposure for such the good music!
The Beatles

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