And I guess I wasn't specific enough. I know this sounds weird but I snapped my G-string. Are there any good acoustic songs that don't (heavily) feature the G-string?
actually...I guess the G string is the most used string
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you can play the solo audioslave's "show me how to live" over and over again on your acoustic. then record it and post it in your profile so that we can give you 5 stars...
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If I was in your position id probably put my guitar in a dropped tuning and look for some songs in that tuning. If a song's in a dropped tuning hopefully it will be mainly power chords and you should be able to play most of or hopefully the whole song.
jst get a new string. or change them all , so u dnt hav one new string, and all othrs old


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Why don't you just transpose the notes on the G-string to another string... ex ) play them after the 5th fret on the D string.