I recorded it on Audacity.
I ended up mixing it a little high, but it's One and it's suppose to be loud.
I highly recommend headphones to enhance the quality.
I hope you enjoy and please give feedback.

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thats freakin huge!!!!

the file size i mean...
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yeah sorry about that man
it takes a little while to upload, but it will be okay
i promise
Why can't you just put it on your profile? If you used Audacity just export it as MP3 then upload to UG
just listening to this so far its quite good apart from you seem to be getting a lot of fret buzz coming through on the recording.

The drums sound good is it ezdrummer? my only complaint is the snare sounds very weak. and the cymbals seem too loud in the mix.

The distorted tone is quite good but seems a tad fizzy but not so much that it makes it bad (what are you using to record this?)

Also i just realised there's no solos on this.

If you want i can record the first two for you.

Overall youve done a pretty decent job on this keep up the good work.

If you have the time i would appreciate your comments on my t2 interpretation posted in this forum.
Like someone said above the solos aren't included.. the third is reasonable though. You might want to try including at least the intro solo so it doesn't seem so repetitive around there, you played the outro solo so I'm sure you could play the first two solos and probably even the third without too much difficulty anyway. As far as playing goes I can't really find any errors in it or something wrong in the first half of the song. You might want to turn up the guitar volume right after the chorus a bit, you end up turning it up but after the riffs been playing for a while. I know you know you mixed it too high, but around 4:00 with the heavy riff it gets pretty muddy.. the playings still good though so its not a big deal. Your rhythm playing is very tight all throughout the heavy bridge section til the end up of the song, very nice job. Very good job overall, the playing was very tight especially during the second half of the song. Good job with the outro solo as well.

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dam, where did you get the backing track? sounds way better than the one i have, nice cover tho you just need to learn the solos and it will sound great