I'm not selling but you should put in your title what your wanting to buy.

If their are people specifically selling a bass then they will see your thread.

I was looking to buy one a few weeks ago but then I bought one off someone I know. I had a few offers though, check out my thread and then perhaps message them who were selling.


Hope that helps.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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i have a adonis p-style bass its in near perfect condition apart from theres a chip on the 12th fret taking on of the side intonation's out , n the pickguard pulls up at the bottom when pulling a cable outta it
its only been played 3/4 times brought it for some band but have since left (normally play guitar )
you intrested ??
I have a peavey milesone 3. Pm me if your interested.

Also trades for what?

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