Hey I'm inexpireienced at customising my guitars and gear and stuff, and could do with a bit of help.

Currently I have an Epiphone G400 (SG - leftie at that but thats not important)

So I've pretty much decided to get a Seymour Duncan SH4 JB to replace my standard Epiphone pickup.

At the moment when I play at high volumes I tend to get feedback problems, would a new pickup help that I've been told it will?

I'm also looking at chasing all the electronics in my guitar to a set that contains this
This kit consists of four custom audio taper 500k split shaft CTS/CGE pots, two of the 0.022 Sprague Orange Drop Capacitors, four feet of USA made 22 gauge cloth covered wire ,one meter of silver braided wire, one USA 3 way toggle switch straight or right angle -at your request and a Switchcraft USA jack socket. "

Is that a good set? and what differance would changing the electronics make?


I'm of the opinion that better pots will give a value closer to the estimated value written on the pot, and may have a longer lifespan. Not much past that.

The material of caps, IMO, is negligible. Don't hear a difference. As long as it's something better than ceramic, I think you're good to go.

A new switch is a valuable investment, since, the G-400's one isn't that good.

Before you go upgrading your pickups, I'd like to know, what kind of amp do you have?

Just so you know, pretty EVERY guitar will feedback, if you're playing with a fair amount of gain, at a high volume. So as far as screeching high pitched squeals problems go, you should think about your setup, first.
- Do you really need all that gain? I play hard rock, and and found that I prefer to not use all that much gain.
- How close are you to your amp? If you're playing in front of your amp, and are playing loudly, of course there will be feedback.
- Do you roll your volume down when you're not playing? You need to do this or mute your strings, otherwise, it will feedback..
^+1 whats the amp??

EDIT: screw that his profile says he has a TSL 60
Gibson SG Faded
Epi VJ Stack

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Yeah got myself a nice TSL 60, I play Hard rock generally, I roll back the volume a bit normally to about 8-9 and I still get some, I'm a tone freak (but then arent we all) and it's been such a desicsion deciding to customise my guitar or get a newer one, I really want a Les Paul but think it's probably better to customise my Epi SG instead of geting an Epi LP until I'm in a position of getting a gibson, and in the mean time I wanna try and get a Schecter Hell Raiser Avenger imported (can't get lefties anywhere!).

My guitar will feedback even whilst I'm playing it if I stand infront of my amp, I rolled back my volume a bit more at band practice and it seemed to sort itself out a bit.

Is it easy enough to do all these mods to your electronics without any prior expierience or is it best for me to get a shop to fit it? and yeah the switch is ****ty on the g400 I use my switch for effects and stuff so I can be pretty agressive with it, so yeah a good one might be useul!

Is the elctronics set I've been looking at any good?