Hi im new, but ive used the site for years for help and tabs, this is the first and only forum i have joined so friend me please....

Right now im running a (Bass PODxt Live) Ampeg B2-RE + Ampeg BSE410-HLF
450w - 4x10 4ohms (of course the lowest the amp can go is 4ohms) pics in profile

My Idea is to add a 15 (or 18) to the mix with a dry signal. Money is not important...

Things i know - The B2-RE is not the highest power output for a potential Full Stack and i dont want to "underpower" everything....

The cab is 4ohms and claims to handle the low Freqs. (40hz) should i stop here and just be happy? i can cut through guitar/drummer/vocals live but it just doesnt rumble my guts like i think i want it to...ya know?

Anyhow to the questions...Should i START at the amp? I mean ill just go get a QSC/MACKIE 1000w 2ohm stable power amp....i skip the PREAMP on the Ampeg now anyway....

WHY WHY WHY are "almost" ALL 15 (18) cabs 8ohms and low powered? If i mix a 4o and 8o i get some 2.666o rating that will ruin my Ampeg right? Need help here...because the B2-RE, like most other BIG NAME Amps has 2 Speaker Outs but isnt STEREO, will the amp recognize one out with a 4o LOAD and send 450w there and another out with a 8o LOAD sending 225w??? That will make everything work well....or will it split the wattage also making it quieter potentially?

Last question am i overthinking everything? i mean the 15s out there only really go to 38Hz...but i know how important that is and all on a LOW A/B.....

Finally(haha)...if anyone wants to suggest a diff config ( wet signal to a 15 and dry to the 4x10 + horn ) would be appreciated...

Sorry scattered thoughts but i dont write well....

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It's this simple: you're running the Ampeg head at it's minimum ohmage already. You cannot add another cab on to it without endangering the circuitry from overheating. You need to upgrade the head to something that can handle 2 ohms or just completely start from scratch with a new cab and head. Or toss the cab and buy two 8 ohms.
Since i am using an AMP MODELER / EFFECTS PROCESSOR where ill run through the effects loop of any amp essentially SKIPPING "said amps" PREAMP is it ridiculous for me to just want a 1400w+ QSC amp and some monster PA speakers / subwoofers ?

Has anyone tried this config i mean does it completely ruin "tone"? the QSC shouldnt color any if at all.....but ive never tried and a place like Guitar Center doesnt exactly have this setup available in the bass section....cause i think it would kill some of there expensive amps....right?
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At first i thought Ampeg BA115-HPT 220w with a tube preamp for the DRY channel would be nice but will it be loud enough to compete with a 4x10 box spittin 450w w/ effects ?

Now im really curious whats wrong with just buying a small PA setup really...opinions?
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I run a 4x10 with 100 watts tube. I use the set up in a large venue that holds 500-600 people. The PA has a powered 18" mackie that handles most of the intense, chest pounding bass. Its a simple set up but it really puts out great sound. My suggestion: throw a sub or two in your PA mix. It will not only make you sound better, but also your drummer (mic his kick) and if your not playing through a PA/gigging regularly all you need is a 4x10.