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27 56%
21 44%
Voters: 48.
So i could buy the same guitar with two different fingerboard. Which of them are better?

So its basically a Maple vs. Rosewood fingerboard thread.

Sorry i ****ed up the voting syystem by "Roseboard" i mean Rosewood
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If its a strat go for Maple, its brighter and imo sounds more lively than the rosewood fretboard i own both.
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Depends. Maple tends to be faster to play on (for me anyway), but rosewood produces a warmer sound. Decide on if u want a bright or a warm sound

Bear in mind looks btw

Maple looks kinda, "new" to me, it always looks clean.
I have a rosewood fretboard on my guitar, but I love playing maple strats and teles at guitar stores. They feel so much nicer to me than my rosewood fretboard
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4 out of 5 of my guitars are rosewood. But when i bought my Strat I wanted a maple neck mainly due to looks and I glad I did. I'll be getting my daughter a Squier Strat soon and with a rosewood board
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Maple FTW! Unforunately, I only own one guitar with a maple fretboard but next guitar I get, maple will be.
I like rosewood, but the fact that it needs regular cleaning annoys me.
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hmm i really like how maple looks, but i also like the glossy look you can get with a rosewood, soundwise i like em both, but if i HAD to choose i think id go with rosewood

but maple looks amazing....
Out of my 3 guitars, I actually prefer the ebony fretboard on my LP Custom.

It's not as warm as rosewood or bright as maple, but it has a bit of both, plus a real nice bite to it.

A Strat w/o the looks, feel, and sound of a maple neck shouldn't be called a Strat.
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Ebony FTW. But if I could only choose between those two, I would go for Rosewood.
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I have both, my Strat being maple and Ibanez rosewood. I prefer the feel of maple when bending. It just feels like butter, but my Strat has an unfair advantage over my Ibanez anyways so of course I'd pick that guitar lol.
I'm more of a Les Paul guy, so I prefer the Rosewood tone. Never really noticed a difference in feel, I don't drag my fingers over the fretboard.
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i perfer pao perro over maple and rosewood.
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