Ok, so I have an Epiphone SG, and on it there is a rhythm/treble switch. Whenever I switch it(like from treble to rhythm or rhythm to treble) the sound gets cut off in the amp. After strumming a little the sound finally comes back. Now I know it's not the cable because I just bought a new one and its doing the same thing. Is it the guitar or the amp(Line 6 Spider III 15)? Any advice on what to do?
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How long have you had the guitar? I've got a gibson explorer that had faulty wiring, that might be your problem. If you're not afraid, i'd play surgeon and see if anything is up with your guitar's wiring
If it's really a custom shop SG I doubt that the wiring is your problem... try it on a different amp first, then if it has the same problem, you should take it in to a tech.
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Dodgy wiring, take it to a tech or electrician,
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ok nvm lol. But still is problem seems like faulty wiring.