once i raised the money, I bought my friends vox ac15cc1 for 450. when i got home the little bolt that hold the input jack in place fell of and i cant find a replcement. To plug in my guitar i have to open the amp, hold the actual piece of hardware with the computer chips connected and wires etc. and push the cord in. I feel like the slightest movement of the chord causes the connection to break, and continualy touching the hardware everytime i play will lead to it's demise. I dont know if I broke it or he did so i dont know if I can return it. any advice of how to handle the situation.
Take it to someone who know what they're doing and pay them to fix it.
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if my parents found out i payed for a broken amp im screwed bcuz they dont know he difference between broken and needs replacement parts.
If you don't get it fixed it will stay broken or you will break it yourself and you'll be screwed because you have an amp that doesn't work. Suck it up and get it fixed, your parents will get over it.
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Hardware stores have all kinds of bolts and they are cheap. Get the bolt/nut/screw you need and fix it. If it's one bolt and you can see where it belongs, getting another should not be a problem. If you are at all unsure of yourself, take it somewhere and get it fixed. Should be an easy fix though.