ok. my one son is applelaptop geek ,his brother a guitar geek...i am a chef...here is what we are doing on you tube.....the apple does all the editing..Evan the guitarist is thirteen.
his solo is at the end of the vid.

since we started the videos back in febuary you can see the transition of evans guitar playing. now, alex the apple geek is getting requests from musician to do recording mixes.
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i fail to see the point of this other than you advertising your youtube video. i also didnt see a solo.
Vikings? What Vikings? We are but poor, simple farmers. The village was burning when we got here, and the people must have slain themselves.
Hey wait a minute I realize any time you post something you have to have a tough skin, but, just trying to contribute something positive to society.. The solo is at the end of the vid..he plays search and destroy. One of you call it garbage....welll you are entitled to your opinion...but I think itds cool especially the arc welding..
I remember being on stage in Ann Arbor in the eighties warming up Destroy All Monsters, someone threw abeer can at me , I just kept singing.
Hey Doc, I am doin the Nations Triathlon in DC there in a few weeks. Hows swimming in the POtomac?
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