Ok so im in a band and the bassist told me he wrote a song and was gonna send it to me so i could write the guitar part....what he didnt tell me is that his song is just lyrics. so now im trying to write a whole song based on just another guys words and its next to impossible. its kind of backwords i think, but anyway, any tips on how to do this?
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is it recorded melody, or just words,

if its a melody, find out what key its in and start with some basic chords and the mold and transform them so that it compliments the melody or just sounds plain great
(pink floyd did this heaps)

if its just lyrics go write a song then try mold the lyrics in lol
yeah its just lyrics. no melody. and theyre weird sounding lyrics too. i wish he would have at least gave me a beat or SOMETHING! lol
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the first words are

She is a manifestation of the elements
And very lethal, but in her defense
A death by her is the sweetest way a man could ever go.

its different. i cant find a rhythm to go with it
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take ur time, sing the words, change the melody that u just song until u can get it to sound right

but to be honest as soon as i saw the lyrics in my mind something came up that sounded pretty cool, cant be bothered tabbing it out as of yet, to tired to do bugger all

but what sort of genre do u guys play any way
were pretty flexible. alot of alternative sounding stuff. basically anything with guitar and drums. lol. but writing this is harder than i expected. its different than just writing a song from scratch
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lol, it would be a good learning curve for u then

you can try think about the lyrics, what do they actual mean, are the portraying any mood like dark and synical or happy or antyhing like that

then try and apply that sort of mood to the guitar or music
yeah...theyre actually a bit sappy for my taste. i gots my acoustic out and i wont stop till a write this song! but it keeps reminding me of an Incubus song and i cant help making it sound like that. lol
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Any luck with this so far? I have to say I read that and something popped into my head as well. What kind of chords do you normally use?
what kind of chords? im not sure i know what you mean by that...like minor/major/dimnished? um...nothing too complex like jazz chords. mostly simple 5th chords or minor. but really anything actually. how's everyone getting ideas for this song but me?! lol
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Well, it's hard to go off just the first three lines of the lyrics. but maybe you can start off with the beat. Like the first three lines seem to call for you to start off slow than slowly build up to a faster beat. *shrugs* but i could be wrong.