Check out my progressive metal band Above The Ruins

There are songs for everyone on there.
Stay True is for those who like sweeps, tight drummers, and epic vocal harmonies.
Above The Ruins(the song) is a more screamo song and is more vocal and drum oriented than guitar.
Stars and Underneath my skin are also more in a poppy vein but you gotta have the chick songs right
Follow me is also sorta screamo but listen into it and be prepared for a sweet solo

I am the guitarist btw and i'm 15
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How's the music enviroment in new york? I come from norway and seriously considering moving there to study!
Btw, Stay true was definately the best song. Perhaps a bit too much sweeping(It was of great quality though!!!). But I like the style. Tight as hell
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It's not bad. We're all in more rural ares of New York and there seems to be a good amount of talented musicians willing to help out even out here. New York City is also great. I'm going to NYU to study music when i graduate
Sweet! I'm not sure if I'm going to study music, as I am too weak with theory. But I definately would like to have a hard hitting band on my spare time!

Do you guys practice a lot? Me and some guys are starting up a band doing some melodic death metal or metalcoreish something, right now. Starting of with covering some In Flames!
We practice at least 2-3 times a week. We're actually really lucky because our drummer has a studio so we can practice and as soon as we write a song we have a good quality recording of it.

I never really bothered much with covering songs. I figured if I'm gonna try to make a living with music i might as well practice writing songs as much as possible. But now that i think of it in flame would be a fun band to cover. The only covers i've done are some August Burn Red songs.
Well, were not doing it to be a cover band. It's just for everybody to adapt to the genre and the style. It's easier to come up with riffs etc if you're used to playing the type of music
all the luck with your band
Nice dude you should check out my band (in sig) were somewhat similar.
Referring to Victor Wooten
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Wow. That was amazing. I liked both Above the Ruins and Stay True.
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