Poll: Gibson explorer Yay or Nay
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21 72%
2 7%
Im a ESP/Jackson/Schecter fanboy so ignore my opinion
6 21%
Voters: 29.
I want an esp M-II but, i really dont want a floyd
Latley the Black Gibson Explorer has really been growing on me

Sooo... Gibson Explorer, Yay or Nay?
If you want one with a non-locking tremolo, you could get a regular stopbar one and put a Stetsbar on it.
can i just say, i love the third poll option

but yay for gibson.FTW.
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Gibson Explorer For Definate (Y)

Sounds Amazing
Plays Amazing (The Cutaway at the top of the neck makes it REALLY easy to play high [e.g. 20th fret] )

I Would Definitely Recommend it :P
I would go for it yeah. Maybe a pickup change, but thats personal opinion.

But what do I know I like jacksons
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