I have a fretless Jazz Bass that I never play and want to sell. My sister has a P-bass, but wants a fretless neck. If I switch the necks, does it depreciate the value of the instrument? I'm probably gonna get a new paint job on it, maybe switch out some pickups, but does just the neck change do anything to it?
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why dont you just use your sisters P-bass?
much less of a hassle
maybe trade with your sister?
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As long as you don't damage the basses, you can advertise yours as a modded Jazz Bass with a P-bass neck. Some people might actually like that better, I personally prefer the P-bass necks but I like the J-bass tone better.
If I get the paint job done, the neck has to be removed anyways. Also, she likes the sound and feel of the P-Bass, but loves the fretless neck/feel. If I have to take the J-Bass apart anyways for the paint job, I figure why not?, unless it's going to screw with the value of the bass.
Right, I figured it would either mess with value, or could be advertised as modified. Thanks!

I'm still open to other opinions or views. Thanks!
The only way you will kill some of the value is if a buyer wants the warranty which will be voided once the necks are switched but I doubt that will happen.
Yeah. It'll probably just be an eBay or local sale, so probably no worries.