Hey, I'm thinking of getting some individual Effect Pedals, but im not sure which ones are actually good, could any of you recommened any good Distortion for rock/metal, chorus and delay pedals. I have £200 to spend, My Guitar is a KH602, My amp is a Crate FW15R and usually play rock/metal
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal:kick ass destortion...
other boss pedals are very good too... for wah though, get the Dunlop original crybaby
My amps not that bad

Cool ill look into the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone and other ones

Forgot to mention i already have a Dunlop Crybaby
Um, my personal taste here but i dont like the Boss Mt-2. for Metal, try a Metal muff? If that doesn't give you enough "Umph", then running a good OD pedal like a bad monkey through it could give it that "umph".

I think. Never tried it myself, but just what i'm predicting.

Otherwise go buy a Guya tone Metal Master. If you want to spend that money that is.