Poll: What color(s) do like on your guitars?
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29 35%
38 45%
28 33%
18 21%
14 17%
27 32%
8 10%
14 17%
Crazy Design
11 13%
13 15%
Voters: 84.
white or some tobacco sunburst.
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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

tobacco sunburst
trans blue or red
tangurine (sp)
cherry sunburst
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i clicked red up there cuz its my favorite color and then i remebered that what i've wanted to do to my bass for a long time was, (since its already white) paint black spots on it and call it Betsy.
Needs to be either a bright, "teh ghey" 80s color or an over the top graphic for me. That said, not many of those on the market atm.
White + Red =
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Transparent Green & Gold surprisingly make an amazing looking finish.
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It really depends on the guitar, but my dream guitar looks like this

I've wanted a red and black strat since before I started playing.
I think contrasting parts are cool, but I don't like all black. Black guitars with black hardware, pickups and ebony fretboards look boring to me.
IMO, i would rather just have plain colors than quilted/flamed maple, etc tops.

Although they do look gorgeous, like on carvins, and prs's, i think that plain looks best.
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Burst, white and blue for me
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