So I was talking with my friend and we somehow got on the topic of myspace, facebook etc. I asked her why she didnt have one and told her that if she doesnt want her parents to find out, to just clear the histroy and browsing options. But apparently her SUPa H4xor dad knows how to view history after its been deleted. Is this possible?
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I know that a computer never really deletes information, it just considers it to be over-writable. So it's still there, you just don't see it anywhere unless you're a SUPa H4xor dad
Quote by freedoms_stain
Install firefox or Opera on a memory stick = no history on the computer at all ever.

(I think)

How cunning.

Or change where Firefox saves info, and remove it permanently, rather than just saying "clear hsitory"
damn... why his dad doesn't want her to have myspace...
anyway, the memory stick idea should work