I pretty much put this in an old thread but didn't really get much answers. I've been trying to figure out how this guy plays and what modes/scales are used. and if anyone knows of any other guitarists that sound alike. and even what kind of sound it is. everyone says jazz and anything related requires a whole heap of theory. but i have no clue where to start with it. It's my first step away from trying to sound like hendrix. so help would be hugely appreciated. the world doesn't need one more teenager trying to sound just like hendrix. (ignore that it's a hendrix cover)

I heard a couple of chromatically ascending/descending passing tones in the melodies, and mainly just stick to more of the regular modes and the natural minor instead of using blues licks

and a bunch of seventh chords

and he snuck that phrygian dominant stuff in there a couple of times

edit: over the walking bassline part he seems to just be playing arpeggios of the chords
at the droning part towards the end I think he's doing either lydian or ionian

also check out Monte Montgomery another somewhat original take on little wing
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and he snuck that phrygian dominant stuff in there a couple of times

Yea like right at :54, sneaky bastard. Good catch.
Sounds to me like alot of rather basic double stops/triads (all major and minor) in different inversions. It is not super head theory, pretty basic stuff really. Alot of the cool not so rocky sounding stuff is he is simply playing open strings under different grips, so they add pedal altered tones, which is always pretty good. I would check out Eric johnson and maybe learn some of his songs, he uses a style like that alot in his rhythm playing.