ok now i have my scales and my chords but how i can incorporate chords into an electric guitar without sounding bad? i mean, i cant play minor chords with distorsion, what can i do?
You can play whatever you want, with or without distortion.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
TS, if you mean a minor chord distorted sounds bad... then try sticking with your main power chords. Most distorted songs today are rarely written outside the power chord variation.
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The less dissonant a chord, the better it will sound with distortion. Other then power chords (which aren't actually chords, but doesn't matter), the least dissonant chord is the major triad. Try turning your distortion all the way up and play a D major chord, sounds great to me.
Fifths and octaves(notes in power chords) are very very very stable and consonant sounding intervals. I'm not sure what the phisics were but there was something about sound waves that was interesting. On the other hand, major thirds, minor thirds, major sixths minor sixths etc are more unstable. Even though to our ears they seem to produce a nicer, more rounded sound, their sound waves are different from powerchords. Hear that warble when you compare the same note on different strings and one is out of tune? It's the same to a lesser degree.

I suggest you try to find ways to play the chords where you have the fifth of the chord straight after the root, making the "better" soundwave overrule the other one.

I'm not sure if I explained that too weel.
so to make a diad (power chord) with the scale (minor) i have to take only the 1st and 5th interval (or 5th and 8th) or how i can make power chords that fits in a minor scale?
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power chords are the same in minor scale,since you only use the root and the fifth..
the fifth is the same fifth as in the major scale
Has it ever occured to you that a minor scale is a major scale??

Notes in A minor: ABCDEFG

Notes in C major: CDEFGAB

they contain the same notes, but just have different root notes. And thus comes modal theory...
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playing all the strings are noisy in distortion...
i haven't ever seen someone playing a minor chord with a distortion....