Hello everyone. So I have played acoustic guitar for a long time and I'm finally getting an electric guitar....It is a Fender Strat....The music I will be playing is mostly classic rock, umm zeppelin, pink floyd, ac/dc, hendrix, etc....so since I know nothing about amps I was wondering what kind would fit my style of play, and I dont know how expensive they are so could I get a decent amp for less than 200?
You won't get something you can gig with (at least, nothing phenomenal) for <200. If you're not afraid to order off the internet, www.guitarcenter.com is having a huge special on Crate V18s - they're going for $150 or so and would be perfect for your style.
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dollars? you could probably get a roland micro cube or a VOX AC15
micro cube only weighs 3kg and is extremelyy portable
have a look at the reviews section
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Alright thanks, yeah I had no idea how much they costs so I was hoping 200 dollars would buy me a midrange amp.
A good midrange amp would be:

Fender Blues Junior $479 (but u would need an OD pedal too, so it would cost total $500-$600)

Peavey Classic 30 $599, this is perfect for classic rock...its all tube and its all good

Idk...get a tube amp. If you really can't then get the Vox Valvetronix series amps.
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yeah, a cube or a vox sounds like your best bet
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