The air starts feeling solid
My body's lying prone
Soon my sense of touch will ebb
And i won't feel the pain of cold

Breathing feels so shallow
Soon the need will be no more
When the temperature sets in
and i'm frozen to the bone

Cyronics, keep me existent
Stretch my lifespan till I'm awoken
With my frozen home for company
Life can never be too short

Nothing lucrative, material wealth
Preservation seems the right route
Thoughts come slower, tarder
The cells seem dulling too

There's no one here to miss me
Future holds more than the now
Cheating death should give me jubilation
Yet what use when my conscious passes away

The terror that a thought of death contains
It chills me to the core
Released into non-being or
Seperated at the door

This ending, somehow certain
The feelings freeze my corporeal self
As the reflective thinking stops, I smile
I can never grow old

It's pretty rough, but it does flow to the music I play it with. Opinions?