so ive just stripped my strat down and im planning on sanding it and painting it or doing something to it, could i get some turps to remove the top coating of paint, sand it down and re-spray it or would i need to go down to the wood?

Also any ideas on what i could do to it, i cant decide on putting stencils over it or maybe doing like a van halen strat design or maybe just spray it random colours and give it a used and abused look.

also i have a new guitar which has open humbuckers (EMG HZ's i think), would any humbucker cover fit onto these... the guitar has gold hardware and i dont really like the look of the open buckers so im thinking gold plated covers will look alot nicer on it
I was actually planning on doing a van halen frankenstrat sometime. That'd be cool. If you do you'll have to take pics!
I'm not sure if you can cover the buckers. Someone else probably knows.
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