Basically to cut a long story short, when I plug in my Schecter (EMGS) into my amp it just gives me a clean tone as if the EMG's arent working, I tried another guitar with the cable and it works perfect so its something to do with my EMG pickups.

Now after alot of troubleshooting we have found that in the JACK POT bit in the pictures below, that if I put my fingers on either the [White Wire] and it works, or hold [Both Metal Parts] it works.

They where working fine but stopped just the other day.

Is this a soldering issue, aka maybe a bit of solder has cracked off enough that it not strong enough to carry the signal?

I looked at the white wire and its still soldered into the metal but you can actually see the wire as if its laying on top of the solder, its still stuck in but jst resting on top.

What could be the problem here, would a little solder on the top of this white wire fix it or what else should I be looking at, cause its definetly something to do with the jack part.


Im no expert at this, but if I had to guess id say its a soldering issue.
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It could be a soldering issue know as a "cold solder" you may want to check your solder connections and make sure they are all intact. Here are some other things to check:

check all your solder connections, anywhere there is solder, check it and if you can re-apply solder.
Make sure your battery has enough power, if not, replace it
You may also want to try replacing the inpunt jack as well.
unplug and replug in the quick connector on the pickups
Ok so we will:

1) Replace Battery... all ready tried, its not that
2) Resolder all the solder points to make sure they are 100% covered....

and if not that then 3) Buy a new jack part..

How much do they cost and where can I get one?
Ive tried 2 batterys , i replaced with Panasonic, then a Duracell...

It aint that lol...

Plus like I said m8 I can get them to work if I hold the metal parts so the battery is 100% ok.
I bought a soldering iron and solder w/ flux today..

Ive never soldered before but ive been told its really simple.

I tried covering up that little white wire I thought could have been the problem but it never worked.

If I was to start from scratch or look at a guide does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 2 Volume 1 Tone guitar?
I think this might be what your after, im not sure though. but perhaps you could un-solder all the connections, clean all the parts and then re-solder them, see if it works. if not try getting a few spare pots etc and try replacing all the parts, if that doesnt work, maybe its something inside the EMG's that have broke?

I just tried resoldering some little bits there and now its not working at all
you have a bad solder joint somewhere then. I suggest checking over your work all over again. Now comes the part where you have to replace the pots and make sure they didnt overheat. If the pots receive too much heat from a soldering iron it can render them inoperable. But at the same time you said that you only get clean tone which could mean either the pups are shot, the pots are shot or your input jack is shot.

Looks to me as if u are trying to use a cable with a stereo-jack (tip, ring, sleeve). This won't work with active pickups because of the split between the ring and the sleeve. With EMG-pickups the sleeve on the mono cables (ring+sleeve is connected) acts as a part of the circuit and activates the battery and hence powers the pickups.
This is the same reason you always have to pull out the cable when not playing to avoid emptying the battery.

So my advice is to get a new guitar cable with mono jacks.