Tabs don't exist (freely) for a lot of acoustic songs, and I therefore tend to figure stuff out by ear. But to do that, I need a tuning. Often, I'm unable to find the tuning for a particular acoustic song I want to play. Now I've decided to correct that issue, by making a light-weight database of tunings.

At first I was planning for a very stylized design and many features, but then realized, that it's just a database for tunings: how big could I possibly expect the interest to be? I think I ended up with a good result: standard web colors, no design at all, and just a box where you can search. Nice and clean. Have a look:

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If you think this'll be useful, now's the time to bookmark. At the moment, the supply of songs is pretty limited, only hosting the CandyRat fingerpickers. And not all of them (I've added slightly more than 70 songs). I know that there are a lot more alternately tuned pieces out there (many non-fingerpicking ones), so if you feel that you can help, please contact me! I don't expect the end result of this to be massive, but I want it to be at least a useful resource for an audience larger than just CandyRat followers.

And there's another pretty neat feature which decided to add. When you've searched for a song, you can click it's tuning to find other songs using the same tuning. Which means, that if you're playing a song tuned in some weird way, and want to find something else to play without tuning everything back again there's an easy way to find such a song.

Comments, corrections, and random suggestions can also be sent to my email address, or posted below. Feedback is always nice.

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