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3 8%
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Muscian's Friend
24 67%
Other (if chosen, post name)
9 25%
Voters: 36.
GAK is prety good for UK, although ive never bought, just browsed. They could have a nicer selection of pickups and maybe some more ranges of guitars like shecter.

Thomann isnt bad either although some of their guitar prices are a good deal higher than others.
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guitar center
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does musicians friend deliver to europe?

doubt it, they didn't last time I checked
Thomann for sure.
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Depends where you are if uk then GAK

Originally posted by sashki
or Thomann in europe

never herd of it
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Depends where you are if uk then GAK

never herd of it

thomann.de is the biggest european online music store. Has some pretty good deals too. And does free delivery if your order is more than €150 or something.

And dolphinmusic.co.uk is better than GAK if you're looking for recording/production stuff.
I really like Musician's friend. They have good deals, nice sales and whenever I order anything I get it in 3-4 days.

I'm really curious about sweetwater, they have a ton of stuff and a few people spoke highly of them.