Hey guys

Im like DEAD out of money and broke as broke can be, and i was wondering what would be a good price for getting a Silvertone SD 2000PK, as some guy was selling it to me used for $150, but im thinkin thats too much, and ive never played one of these and sure dont know what price range they come in, and i tried looking on the net but couldnt find a price for it. So im wondering what price do these guitars sell for brand new?

heres a link to what it looks like: http://www.silvertoneguitar.com/products/acoustic_sd2000pk/index.htm

actually, i just searched around and thats the crapiest silvertone acoustic, and it would be worth $150 brand new, but im buying a used, so il onli pay $60-$90 now :|

but ya it looks decent, but then again im LOW on money
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