I have a h&k amp that I got second hand, but it came without the footswitch/stageboard. The input to the amp has to be a nine pin. any help on how I could get one? I've already spent a few hours searching in the internet.

sorry, i feel like such an idiot for forgetting to say, it's an ATS 120.
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Please provide more info. "A" hughes and kettner amp... could be many.

I suspect the footswitch/stageboard you're looking for is a midi board. Hughes & Kettner amps mostly accept pretty much any midi board. But if you can provide your amp model, we can give more detailed info. The H&K midi boards are also sold seperatly, so you can always go buy the matching board.
not all H&K amps have footswitches
whats the model? go to H&K's website

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