well, everytime i try to pull off a pinch harmonic, for some reason, it is real quiet compared to the normal notes. its not because of the amp of pickups i have, or how i have my amp tunned, because the same thing happens on an acoustic or unpluged guitar.

anyone know how to fix this problem??

edit: by the way, rather then the decible level, it has great tone
Go to the Ultimate Pinch Harmonic Thread. You'll find it in the searchbar somewhere.
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pinch harmonics are really the only trhing id class myself as good at.
it just takes practice i know youve heard that over and over but its true
just get the angle right and use more for force when picking it than a normal note.
They're normally quieter, but the way you put it, I think your problem is either #1. You're putting to much pressure from your finger to the string causing it to push out the harmonic, but have no loud sustain due to a stop in vibration, or #2. You don't have enough distorted output, lol. Try changing it up a bit, and see what happens.
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Use the bridge pickup. That is the secret to good sounding pinches.

+1...on both of my guitars, and any guitar that I recall playing pinches on, the bridge pickup makes the pinch sound louder and gives it a bit more squeel....and like the guy above the guy I quoted said, if you use vibretto when you pinche, it makes the note sustain much longer (obviously), and just sounds pretty nifty in general.
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