Okay, I want some Mac users to give me some incentive to switch. I DO NOT want this to become a thread full of Mac users bashing Vista or Vista/XP users saying "why would you want a Mac?" I just want some advice as to what a Mac would have to offer in order to compel me to get one. Mind you, I've been thinking about getting one for two years now, and I simply did not have the funds. But now I do, and I think I may get one.

Mac users, convince me.
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It has garageband, which is a billion times better than Audacity.

All the reason you need.
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I recently just bought a macbook pro, thought it was the best choice of my life. Let alone, the sexiest things i've felt in these hands.

You my friend REALLY need to get out more.
They do cost a lot of money and they take a bit of getting used to after using PCs. I'm on my first Mac right now. I love it. I'm not going to feed you the "it just works" tagline that Mac uses, but it is pretty simple.

Not to mention, I love the way the black one looks and feels, especially the keyboard. It's sexy as hell. Also, Garageband is a nice thing to have.

They're great for school work as well, if you get Microsoft Office of course.

If you're a gamer, DO NOT GET IT. Games don't play well on Macs, if the game you want to play is even offered for Macs to begin with.
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my 10 year old niece can't use my mac, and thus, is unable to mess with my stuff. I don't even have to lock it up. she is used to windows.

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they're faster. they run programs faster. they start up faster. they're ready to go out of the box. you can take classes for any of the program at apple store all over the country. downloads faster. theres so much more i dont even know.
I can't stand watching people waste their money on horrible gear.
Garageband is super nice, the desktop/dock is awesome and easy to use, the entire OS is easy to figure out, Expose and the Dashboard are sexy, there's a lack of viruses, and my iMac runs super smoothly. Plus, it doesn't take long to start them up.

Basically, Macs win.
Macs are better for running pro softwares like music making softwares like Logic, Protools and all and even video, art softwares too.
It has a simpler interface than windows, has less background applications running so it'll run any pro applications more smoothly than windows as it'll have more ram and processor space for the applications than windows would give.
And its even more internet safe. There are wayy less viruses that'll effect mac than windows.

But on the negative side, mac is not built for games and you might find it easier/better to work on daily stuff like internet, word documents and all on windows than on mac.

So to summarize.
Mac if you wanna work with pro applications like making music or videos or photoshop like stuff and don't care about games.

Windows if you just want a computer for daily internet/word files and all stuff and wanna play games.
i use them everyday at school that im on all the time so its like practically mine,
i love it so much, one of the best things i love about it is that it takes hardly anytime at all to log in and when you do you can just get on with what you want to do without it taking it ages to "warm up" and no matter how many windows and apps running, it will ALWAYS be fast. if you have the chance, id definatly get one, but maybe its just me
You can run windows on the new macs, which is pretty cool. i have a pc because my rents would'nt buy me a laptop that cost more then $1000, but if I had unlimited cash I would get a mac.
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I don't play games so I think I'm sold.

Keep convincing, I'm getting ready to write /thread.

There's nothing more to say.
Mac aren't really that superior than a PC.
Like PC's like alienware are amazing to play games on. But if you're not much of a gamer, you'll still find it easier to browse around the internet and run some funky softwares, applications on windows. As i said if you just want a comp for everyday stuff, windows is better as its more compatible.

But the only advantage of mac (and it is a big advantage) is that it runs pro applications much much better, faster and more smoothly than windows.
So if you're looking for something to record and produce your music, make videos, make artwork. Mac is the way to go.
Let's just put it this way. I have a 20 inch iMac. I can restart my computer in under 30 seconds.

Also, when I first got the computer, I had it up and running in under ten minutes. All that happens is you take it out of the box, you plug it in and it asks you to fill out your personal details and then you're done. It's ready to go.

QuickSilver makes opening programs really easy and simple. The idea is that you push two buttons (I use control+spacebar), type in the name of the program and it opens it. With some programs (like iTunes), I can type in just the first letter and press enter and it opens it.

The Dock helps with keeping the desktop organized. My desktop is almost always completely empty and it just looks better that way.

With Leopard, you get stacks in the dock, which are basically customized folders that you can look through without opening another window. For example, I have a stack with all my downloads. Everything I download goes there, so if I want to access a file, I just click on the stack and it opens up (without opening a new window) and shows me my downloaded files.

Quick view helps with finding documents or pictures pretty quickly. There have been a number of times I had no idea what I named a document, so I opened the folder with my documents, and pressed space and it gives a preview of document (again, without opening another window, or Microsoft Word)

With Expose, I can view all my active windows and it makes switching between different programs extremely quick. I just push the side of my mouse and it shows me all the windows I have open, I then click on the program I want and it takes me there

Quick View
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The OS is not better than Vista. They're about the same, really.

If you were to get a Mac, get the Macbook Pro. It's a really good laptop. I recently just got one for college and it's pretty versatile and sleek.

I'm not going to "compel" you to buy a Mac. I mean...if you don't have a real reason to, you don't need to, and that $2000+ could be better spent elsewhere. It's not "better for music and stuff" like some people say. That's complete bs.

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It has garageband, which is a billion times better than Audacity.

All the reason you need.

Yes, because Audacity is the only music software you can use on Windows.
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Get an ibook off of ebay if you're strapped for cash. Its what I did, and this little thing can do all I want it to do! Its a recording MACHINE