So, I have a Marshall MG100 Combo (going to a tube amp soon), I didn't know anything about amps when I bought it, so don't judge, and I now run it through a Marshall 160A cab. Anyway, over the last year and a half I invested in some pedals. I only buy ones with true bypass, cuz regular ones seem to suck tone to me. I need some help with how I should set them up. Here's what I have-

Line 6 DL-4 delay
Ibanez Pedal Tuner
Handmade Phaser (based off the MXR 45 (made by Jon Lullo of the Down To Earth Approach)

and eventually I want to get some kind of noise supperssor/gate. Here's how I run it-

From the amp to the tuner, to the phaser, to the delay, to my guitar.

Anyone know the best way to run these? I've been told to use the effects loop, but not totally sure the best way to do that.

All suggestions welcome.
well most people think of it from guitar to pedals to amp. so the best order would be guitar-tuner-phaser-delay. put up some pics/sound/video clips of your homemade pedal, sounds cool
yeah, the way you've got it is standard. If you added a noise gate, then that would usually go between the phaser and tuner, but experiment however you like. If all your pedals have true bypass, then the only thing you have to worry about is grounding problems, which shouldn't occur with only four pedals in the chain. The effects loop is designed to help prevent tone suckage by the pedals when they're not in use, so you should only consider bothering with it when you get pedals that don't have true bypass, or when your effects chain becomes an unmanageable size.
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