I am looking around for a new guitar and was just wondering if the KH-202 is worth buying or is there better guitars at the same price range?

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Yes. If you're looking for an ESP with the M body style, like the Hammett Guitar, the M-200FM may be perfect for you. The finish is beautiful, it's still got the same double-locking tremolo, but it's a set-neck rather than a bolt-on which is really great to have. The same high-output pickups, which are designed by EMG. It lacks the second volume knob though that the KH-202 has. But it'd definitely be a better buy for the money. Well, that's it. Hope it helped.
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I dont know about other alternatives but i tried the KH-202 and its a very solid guitar. The tremolo is quite good, dont whammy the hell out of it though, i dont think its got locking tuners. The pickups sounded good, best for metal. Neck was very fast, body was light. My only complaint was the one i tried had a volume drop issue on the bridge pickup, i couldnt figure out why even when they were both turned up at full. I'm sure its fine on their other guitars, but just check it over
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