I have only been playing two weeks and making decent progress. I just changed my stock strings on the Yamaha FG730 i bought, to Martin SP mediums(.013) and I feel that I've regressed in my playing of chords cleanly.

I'm not sure what the stock string on the Yamaha was, but these Martins feel much stiffer. I'm buzzing my chords now and getting frustrated

My question is, should I tough it out and stick with these? Or go buy some martin .012's to use until I strengthen my fingers a little more?

I'm thinking that I will eventually get used to the stiffer strings, but wanted some feedback. Thanks
Sounds like the new strings are a heavier gauge. You will get used to it eventually.
well you can probably contact the place you got it from and ask them they may know because those strings might fit you better

personally yea 13's are pretty heavy although i dont think they normally put that string tension as stock strings on guitars their normally 12's or the light gauge

hope it helps..
make sure you try out different string brands and gauges. try some Daddario EJ16's out maybe
Going to heavier strings sometimes will change the action of your guitar. You should have it set-up again either by the shop or yourself to get it all right.
If you have gone to heavier strings the truss-rod probably needs to be adjusted to counter the extra tension of the heavier strings on the neck. Meaning that the nut has to be tightened a little [clockwise]. Probably no more than [up to] a 1/4 turn.

There should be a very slight neck relief [bow] when you sight down the neck. You probably have too much relief now due to the heavier strings. Would make cording harder for sure and incorrect cording will cause string buzz to compound the problem.
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